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Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham

We welcome you to Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham—the best carpet and upholstery cleaners in your city.

Our professional cleaning services in Cheltenham

Based on the condition and fabrication of your carpets and the amount of dirt and grime trapped within them, we can provide our customers with various cleaning processes. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our team of carpet steam cleaning staff based in Cheltenham extract the dirt in the deep areas of your carpets and rugs through the use of steam. The steam helps reach places deep within to clear out all contaminants hidden. Carpet steam cleaning is an effective cleaning method that can be used to clean carpets, rugs and mats in your house or workstation.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning technicians are well-versed in dealing with carpets of all types and textures. The carpet dry cleaning service we offer leaves your carpet flooring looking spotless and dried in no time. At the end of the day, we only charge you for the services provided and ensure you are satisfied with our team's carpet dry cleaning service.

End of Lease Cleaning

Cleaning the entire property at the end of a lease agreement can be an intimidating chore. Moreover, this can worsen when you have many other things to do, especially with your shift to a new property. That is why we recommend using the services of a professional team of end of leasing cleaners to do this task for you. We offer fully-fledged end-of-lease cleaning services anywhere in Cheltenham, Melbourne.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting, upholstery, leather, and area rugs can cost your business thousands of dollars. That is why you need to invest in professional cleaning and protection of your carpets and upholstery to have them looking great and to increase their life expectancy. Our commercial carpet cleaning services in Cheltenham can easily do it for you at a very reasonable rate.

Upholstery Cleaning

Stains on your upholstery that you can't remove or ones that keep coming back definitely require professional cleaning. In addition to cleaning carpets, rugs, and mats, we also undertake upholstery cleaning services in Cheltenham. Our upholstery cleaning services are done based on your requirement and is handled by a team of skilled upholstery cleaners in Cheltenham.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning services in Cheltenham are carried out by experienced tile and grout cleaners who will ensure your tile and stone surfaces, including the grout lines, are cleaned to the highest standard using only surface safe cleaning products. As an added service, we also offer a sealing service to preserve, protect and enhance the appearance of your floor and wall tiles.


Our general cleaning procedure:

Step 1: We do a thorough pre-cleaning by vacuuming out all of the loose soil and dust.

Step 2: To remove pollutants such as grease, dirt, and body oils from the fabric, we use specialised cleaning solutions.

Step 3: We disinfect and sanitise the carpet flooring.

Step 4: We use more cleaning chemicals to get rid of any lingering impurities.

Step 5: The hot water extraction process is used to get rid of tough stains, and it leaves the cleaning area sparkling and spotless.

Step 6: The cleaned area is inspected by our team to ensure it has been thoroughly cleaned and repaired.


Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham?

  • Best carpet cleaning service available in Cheltenham
  • Affordable and fair pricing with no hidden charges
  • Friendly, helpful and reliable team of trained cleaning staff
  • A wide range of carpet and upholstery cleaning services offered
  • Always accessible for all your cleaning needs in Cheltenham
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction


Frequently Asked Questions


Carpet cleaning, according to my knowledge, can be damaging to carpets and shorten their lifespan. Is this true?

This is true only if your carpets are handled and cleaned by non-professionals. Our team of carpet cleaning professionals have proved it wrong by using the best carpet cleaning techniques coupled with the best cleaning products.

Can I reschedule my cleaning appointment if I change my mind?

Yes, you can. You can contact us and inform us of the most convenient time and date for rescheduling your cleaning appointment. We encourage you to notify us at least 24 hours before the scheduled date.

Can my carpets be dry cleaned?

Yes, we offer carpet dry cleaning services. You can talk to our cleaning experts for more information on carpet dry cleaning services we provide in Cheltenham.

Do you use eco-friendly cleaning products?

Yes, all cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly because we care about you and our planet.


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