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End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Best Rated End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

If you are searching for ‘end of lease carpet cleaning near me’, look no further! We are an outstanding company when it comes to end of lease carpet cleaning. We have offered our end of lease carpet cleaning Melbourne service to thousands of houses in Melbourne and its suburbs. When you hire us to do the job, you don't have to worry about anything else. Our trained and experienced technicians will arrive at your premises armed with all the necessary equipment and cleaning products so that no time is wasted.

Our team works hard in a smart and streamlined manner. The site inspection team will arrive at your premises ahead of time and do a thorough examination of the house. They will mark out high attention zones to signal the cleaning team which areas require more elbow grease. The cleaning team will start cleaning after arrival. This process helps us to complete procedures within the toughest of deadlines and provide our customers with the promised results. If you are in need of an end of lease house or end of lease carpet cleaning Melbourne don’t look any further, make the correct choice and pick us!

Why choose us?

What makes us stand apart from other end of lease carpet cleaning and house cleaning companies is our attention to detail and the extra effort we put to ensure happy customers. Our team makes sure to thoroughly clean up every area of the premises, leaving no area untouched. Every appliance, wall furnishing, furniture and other elements will be cleaned. We clean the following areas of the house:

  • All rooms (dining, living, bedroom and other open/lounge areas)
  • Bathrooms and toilets
  • Laundry area
  • Kitchen
  • Wardrobe

We strive to make the moving experience a hassle-free one for our customer by tackling the most stress-inducing part, end of lease cleaning. After all the packing is done, hire us and we will make sure to do a thorough clean-up that satisfies the owner/real estate agent’s requirements before handing it over.


Acquire your bond effortlessly

If you want to secure your bond back from your rented house owner, your house needs to be in a neat state. This bond cleaning procedure is required by law with checklists to guide the cleaning that needs to be done before returning your rented house keys. Unless you have maintained your house very well throughout your rent period, an end of lease cleaning procedure can be really stress inducing. Especially when you have other things to worry about! An end of lease cleaning procedure is more time consuming than other procedures and requires everything from the kitchen cupboards to the shower curtains and taps to be cleaned. This is why you should leave it to the professionals.

An end of lease carpet cleaning procedure is also mandatory as a dirty carpet can make the cleanest house still look filthy. We have all the equipment and cleaning agents to transform your carpet. By doing all of this you will make it easy for prospective tenants to properly see the home and decide if it is suitable for them. Have you heard of many stories where the tenant and owner argue for the bond? Are you scared that you will have to go through the same bond-related hassles? Worry not! As our end of lease carpet cleaning and house cleaning will come to your rescue so that you can leave your house on a happy note.


We are dedicated to produce amazing results

We have a team of skilled cleaners who put a lot of effort in every cleaning session to achieve remarkable results. Over hundreds of property owners have hired us during the past which has helped us gain a lot of expertise in this specific type of cleaning. Our end of lease cleaning packages are extremely affordable and include end of lease carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning too. We are extremely flexible and can adjust to the customer’s schedule.

Please be aware that no two properties will have the same end of lease cleaning rates. This is because the rates are determined based on the size of the house(number of rooms, bathrooms, etc). Our technicians will pay attention to the customer’s requirements and the demands set forth in the bond agreement before quoting the rates. We will make sure to offer an affordable yet comprehensive rate so that you don't have to break the bank for an end of lease carpet cleaning and house cleaning session. We assure you that your real estate agent/house owner will be pleased with the final result. We will make sure to eliminate all accumulated dust and dirt from walls and cabinets to skirting and ac vents.

Our customer support team adheres to an open-ended conversation style which encourages you to convey us all the necessary requirements. These will be conveyed to the cleaning team.


We guarantee your bond back with our end of lease cleaning

Deciding to leave your current rental and shifting to another house is an easy decision to make. The toughest outcome of this decision is securing your bond money when moving. Shifting and relocation is costly which is why we know how important that bond money is to you. After hiring us, you can be stress-free as we guarantee you that our after-cleaning results will help you get your bond money back easily.

We have offered end of lease carpet cleaning and house cleaning to hundreds of concerned tenants who were anxious about securing their end of lease bond money. We are proud and elated to say that until now, all results have been favourable for our customers. Our promise stands unbroken that we won't leave any room for your house owner to complain. On the rare occasion that the house owner is not satisfied with the cleaning, we request you to inform us within a few hours of cleaning so that we can re-clean any trouble areas.


Reasons to hire us for your end of lease cleaning

Every tenant and owner knows how stressful an end of lease carpet cleaning and house cleaning procedure can be. Tenants are fully consumed by the move and are also anxious about leaving their former house in a clean state. Whereas, owners worry about finding new tenants. In this kind of stressful scenario hiring an inexperienced cleaning company for your end of lease clean will add to the stress. This is when you should hire an experienced cleaning company like us. There are numerous reasons why you should consider us for your next end of lease cleaning job. Apart from helping you get your bond back, here are a few other reasons to hire us for your next end of lease cleaning:

  • A thorough inspection of the property will be done to mark the high attention zones so that our cleaners will put their effort to achieve the desired results.
  • Our end of lease carpet cleaning rates are affordable and depend on the cleaning requirements of the client and the size of the premises. We make sure to quote rates that are easy on the packet and are in sync with the industry prices.
  • We are able to adjust our schedule flexibly according to yours as we have many teams of skilled cleaning technicians.
  • Our hiring process is very rigorous and we hire only experienced and professional individuals who are capable of doing their job well. We also upgrade our equipment in sync with the industry to offer better standards to our customers.
  • We have a high success rate of getting the bond back. We aim to continue this which is why we invest on new equipment and training our team with the latest procedures in the industry.
  • We offer end of lease carpet cleaning Melbourne in Melbourne and its suburbs. Contact us to know if we cover your area too.
  • Our team consists of insured and well-trained professionals who are thorough with the techniques of end of lease carpet cleaning and house cleaning within a specified time frame.
  • Majority of our customers are repetitive customers or those who have been referred to us due to our customer-focused approach. We consider our customers feedback and use it to better our processes.
  • We are responsive and quick to provide you with an estimated quotation via phone or email.

Our end of lease cleaning procedures are offered to tenants, homeowners and commercial properties. Get in touch with us and state your requirements. Handover the checklist to us and we will plan and execute the end of lease cleaning procedure to help you vacate without any disputes or stress.